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Welcome to eVape - What Now?

You maybe wondering "what type of Vape device should I get"...
Well let's break it down for you...
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There is so many kinds, makes, models and different styles that we could be listing and describing them DAILY with the number of devices on the market.
The real question is what is the difference and how do I choose.

There are 5 main kinds of Vape / eCig Devices.

1) Disposable. - click here (only $0.99)
As the name suggests they are 1 time use and let's be honest they don't taste good and really are the WORST way to introduce someone to vaping.

2) Small Cigarette size. - click here.
These are the "small version" of the very common Pen style eCig.

3) Pen style. Most common. - click here (single pack) or click here (double pack).
Approx 11mm in diameter they are most user friendly and they are what we suggest 80% if not 90% off all customers should use as their first Vape device.

4) Sub Ohm Device. - click here (Subvod) or click here (eGo One)
These have really developed in a huge way over the past 6 to 12 months. If your fine with a larger size 18mm to 20mm diameter device these really hit the spot and give huge Vape and throat hit when needed.

5) Sub Box Mods. - click here (Vapor Storm 50)
Now we talking all the bells and whistles but really only 30% of Vape users are going to use such devices.
We are so confident you will love the Vapor Storm 50 that we challenge you to try it for 30 days, if your not 100% happy send it back. NOTE: Not one device has been sent back to us to date. You will love this device, a fantastic size, a great design and a TOP QUALITY Tank.

So what should I buy?

We done this for years we honestly think our pen style MT3 is the best enter level device and will give you a great idea what vaping is really about and 30% off all customers will continue to use this device and not want to upgrade.
After 2 to 3 months with this you may find you want more Vapor or more throat hit or really "the next thing to try" this is when the larger Sub Ohm devices come into play. We have a number of choices and really we have chosen the best of the best on the market so choose the one you like the look of and away you go.

The BIG upgrade as we like to call it, MODs and more. This is when you're serious about your vaping and want to make Huge Clouds if Vapor or really want to have some full control over every aspect of your vape.
This is going to take a little reading of what each device can do and what you think is best for you. We highly suggest the Vapor Storm 50 mod.


Start with the single MT3 & MT3 DOUBLE Starter Kit or if you really want that cigarette size vape then the eV2 is the way to go.
Upgrade to a Sub Ohm. Subvod, eGo One when you're ready for the next "upgrade".
We suggest Vapor Storm 50 Mod OR simply call us and we do a personalize setup for you bases on what you want to achieve.
To view all our Starter Kits click here.

To us at eVape and all Vapers really, vaping is a personal choice to meet your specific needs. We always say a 5 min call with us and you will have all your questions and our suggestions. There is so much we cannot explain in text or email. Call us today and put us to the challenge of meeting and exceeding your expectations with knowledge and personal customer service like no other.

eVape - 1300 550 468