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10 myths around electronic cigarettes busted

10 myths around electronic cigarettes busted.

There are thousands of misconceptions nowadays in regards to electronic cigarettes. Prior to examining and completely eliminating some of these misconceptions, you have to ask yourself where the misconceptions come from in the first place and why they are apparent. One explanation is they come directly from the tobacco and pharmaceutical companies that have a vested interest in destroying e-cigs as they threaten big tobacco as e-cigs have become very popular for people that no longer want to smoke and big pharmaceutical companies as they make money from sick people and also by selling other quit devices in the market place that e-cigs have now taken over from.


1. Nicotine is linked to cancer

It isn't really the nicotine in tobacco products that triggers all the unfavourable health impacts. The reason smoking cigarettes is so bad for you is due to the fact that it includes burning the tobacco, the burning of all the 4000+ chemicals not just the nicotine included in the tobacco such as carbon monoxide, lead and arsenic and 1000s of other harmful toxins, nicotine itself is about as harmful as caffeine for your body on its own.


2. E-cigarettes are produced in risky environments

While some electronic cigarette producers certainly produce their items in less-than-ideal conditions, at evape we utilize pharmaceutical and food grade ingredients  in all our products and e-liquids. Our e-liquids are made in Europe and contain no GMO, not tested on animals, contain no allergens and are pharmaceutically certified to US and EU standards.

dirty ashtray

3. E-cig producers target kids

Minors are in fact less likely to make use of e-cigarettes than they are to make use of tobacco for a number of reasons. In addition, the bulk of suppliers currently limit sales of e-cigarettes to those over the age of 18.

Adding to this, they are not easy to purchase on the internet. A credit card or bank account is required. So, unless the child steals a parent's credit card and then hides the card statement later on, the risk of being discovered is high and they are not likely to purchase.


4. E-cigarettes are more addictive than tobacco cigarettes

Researchers have in fact revealed that an e-cigarette provide less nicotine than tobacco smoke, and it's provided in a compound that the body cannot make use of as successfully. The body does not react any in a different way to the nicotine in e-cigarettes than it does with traditional cigarettes.

Two independent tests, one by Dr.  Laugesen and one by Dr. Thomas Eissenberg at Virginia Commonwealth University demonstrated that e-cigarette vapour doesn’t transfer nicotine as “successfully” as cigarette smoke and in reality supplies nicotine in lesser amounts than tobacco cigarettes.


5. E-cigarettes will trigger non-smokers to begin cigarette smoking

Provided that beginning expenses are reasonably high compared with the cost of analogs and how conveniently offered tobacco cigarettes are, it's unlikely that individuals will choose to begin vaping simply due to the fact that e-cigarettes are readily available. Smoking e-cigarettes will in fact make individuals less most likely to make use of tobacco since a lot of individuals state making use of e-cigarettes makes analogs taste exceptionally undesirable.


6. E-cigarettes are illegal

Nonsense! Yes, there are some countries where a ban has actually been tried (although a ban just indicates they become more regulated, not that they are unlawful) however, a lot of ban efforts have actually fallen short due to the appeal of the item. The media in Australia has always harped on about e-cigs being illegal but they are not (as of publication), the only thing that is illegal in Australia is for anyone to sell nicotine for use with e-cigarettes that said you can import nicotine for personal use if you require it.


7. Nobody understands exactly what is in an electronic cigarette, so they are harmful

In fact, we understand precisely what is in an e-cig cartridge, so long as you buy from a trusted business. These businesses will inform you precisely which components are put in the cartridges or e-liquid so you understand exactly what you breathe in at all times.

The main substance in e-cigs is Propylene Glycol, used in many inhalers like asthma inhalers, nicotine has actually just recently been accepted for long term use in human beings with no considerable impacts, and food colouring, attempt to purchase some food without colouring in it. The main component in E-cigs is propylene glycol, and it was researched thoroughly in the 1940's for inhalation.

Propylene Glycol-- PG has actually been made use of as the aqueous-based chemical ingredient in asthma inhalers and nebulizers because the 1950s, with no major side impacts understood.


8. An e-cigarette can blow up in your face

This was the first misconception that happened and has actually been the hardest to resolve. It is undoubtedly real that a variety of individuals have actually had their e cig blow up in their faces. Exactly what the media falls short to discuss is that they had actually taken the gadget to pieces, included components to the second-hand and e-liquid non-approved batteries. Moral of the story never try to make your own e-cigs and don’t tamper or pull them apart.


9. E cigarettes are More Dangerous than Tobacco Cigarettes

This misconception has actually come about because numerous individuals state that the components inside the electronic cigarette cartridges are a secret. And while some e-cigarettes do still consist of nicotine, they do not consist of all the hazardous ingredients found in traditional cigarettes, such as smoke, carbon monoxide and thousands of other toxins and chemicals.


10. E-Cigarettes are More Expensive

Looking around many of the largest branded electronic cigarettes can be around the same price as standard cigarettes so like any product shop around as you will find the same products for half the price. When you think about that the gadgets are rechargeable, and each cartridge usually lasts as long as one and a half packs of conventional cigarettes and if you fill your own cartridges then you really start to save even more, you might extremely quickly conserve cash by switching over to the electronic variation. If you are a cigarette smoker in Australia, a pack a day smoker spends around $7000 a year, when in the same time frame all cost included for a whole year using e-cigs would be around $1000 and up to $2000 for people that buy the latest and must own many different types of MODs, so the saving are huge!

These are ten of the most typical misconceptions and there are a lot more. It appears that the misconceptions and myths are getting progressively more outrageous. Since the other markets are getting so desperate to keep their clients with them, you will be likely to hear more outlandish stories and myths from the main media on the subject of e-cigs.

By Matt Bridgeman