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Premium Doubler

Premium doubler e liquid

eVape's selection of premium doubler flavours come in over 20 flavours. They are premium because they are certified as pharmaceutically safe according to European and U.S standards, contains no allergens, have no genetically modified ingredients, are not tested on animals and come in green bottles for longer shelf life. The ingredients are 20% vegetable glycerine and 80% propylene glycol.

This e-juice is made in Europe. The size is 10ml. These flavours are DOUBLE the strength of standard flavours. Great for mixing no flavour juice with electronic cigarettes.


The reasons for using is e-liquid doubler is to get more taste from the juice which can be a good idea for people that are new to vaping and just quit smoking because after smoking cigarettes for a long time your taste buds are destroyed so the more flavour the better until you get your smell and taste back.


I also find that changing flavours each week or so is also a great idea as after a while of using one type of e-liquid doubler you get used to the same flavour, so change over to a new type of e-juice and then you will find it hits the spot.