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A guide to CE4 and CE5 Cartomizers

CE4 and CE5 Guide and how to page.

The CE range of clearomizers is very popular due to a few reasons. The main one is that they are easy to fill with e-liquid as they have a wide body and clear view so contents can be viewed. Another positive reason is that they have a large tank capacity, so less filling is required.

The way they work is via an internal dual wick system. The wicks absorb the e-liquid that is filled into the cartomizer and transfer the e-juice into the internal atomizer system inside the middle of the unit. The liquid is the vaporised upon drawing into the subjects mouth as they activate the battery.

How to Fill:

  1. Unscrew the black mouth piece at the top of the unit
  2. Tilt the device to a 45° angle
  3. Fill with e-liquid until 90% full (overfilling can cause gurgling)
  4. Replace the mouth piece by screwing it back onto the unit
  5. Connect to an Ego battery with a 510 thread, begin vaping

How to fill the CE4CE5 Guide and info

Difference between a CE4 and CE5 cartomizer:

The main difference between the two is that the CE5 can have the internal atomizer and wicks replaced. The CE4 is one whole unit and needs replacing altogether when it becomes redundant.

To replace the internal atomizer in the CE5, simply unscrew the base of the unit, carefully remove the atomizer wick system off the air chamber, and discard. Attach the new atomizer to the base of the air chamber, and re-screw the base into place. Fill with e-liquid as per the instructions above.

Tips & Tricks

  • Avoid getting any liquid into the middle chamber of the device as this is the air chamber. It will cause gurgling and can break the unit.
  • Make sure you only fill the device to max of 90%. Overfilling can damage the unit.
  • Always tilt the device at an angle to avoid getting juice all over yourself and in the centre of the device.
  • Replace every few weeks as they can get clogged over time. 

By Matt Bridgeman