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These are our new flavours that are packaged in such a way you can "Mix Your Own" is what we call it. What this really means is that you can make the flavour strength to your personal tastes.

We make this very easy and simple it's not hard at all.

All liquids are packaged in a 15ml bottle with 10ml of DOUBLE FLAVOUR E-Liquid. This is not your normal E-Liquid strength it is DOUBLE or commonly known as a DOUBLER. You can then mix this with a number of base liquid options. IT IS REALLY EASY.

Normal / Most Common:
A mixture of PG and VG which is 50% PG and 50% VG.
This is the most common choice, you will mix the 10ml of Doubler with 5ml to 10ml of the base PG/VG liquid. Mixing with 5ml of base liquid will be a strong tasting E-Liquid. This is great if you want that extra "taste". How many times have you wished your E-Liquid had more taste than normal. If your just looking for the normal taste however you would simply mix 10ml of the Doubler E-Liquid with 10ml of the base PG/VG liquid. So in other words 50% the Doubler Flavoured E-Liquid and 50% the base liquid. Both of which are sent to you and very easy to do. We offer free mixing bottles also.

Throat hit OR More Vapor Production:
You could choose to mix with 100% PG or 100% VG base.
This is a great choice if your looking for more Vapor Production (mix with a 100% VG base) or a more throat hit (mix with a 100% PG base). Or if your using a high power mod you may want to use a VG base, as a higher % of PG can lead to a burnt taste.

Nicotine Mixing:
You may also have your own personal base Nicotine you want to mix with the doubler E-Liquids we provide. This is also the reason why we provide all our E-Liquids in DOUBLE the normal Flavour strengths, so you can mix with your Nicotine base and not loose the flavour taste as you would normally lose when mixing with a standard E-Liquid flavour.
As you can not buy Nicotine base liquid in Australia we suggest you buy it from www.Nicotine2U.com

This may take a little "getting used to" or "trial and error" to find your perfect taste and E-Liquid setup, but we know in the long run it is going to be very well worth it. Also if you don't want to play around so much then simply buy the Doubler and mix with 10ml of base and the added bonus is your really getting 20ml of E-Liquid at such a great price and we love our flavours so we are confident you will love them to.


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