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Accessories and Mods

eVape stocks a massive range of vaporiser accessories, like pass-trough’s, Electronic Cigarette car chargers, atomizers, E-Cigarette Batteries, USB e cig Chargers, Aluminum case and much more.

E-Cigarette Accessories

 eVape has you covered with every accessories you could ever need. We make it easy to keep your eVape E-cigarette charged and ready for you to use if at home in the car or out and about, we have spare atomisers, carts, batteries, pass through and many more items.

When you buy a starter kit it is always a good idea to have extra atomizers or cartomisers as they are a disposable part of an electronic cigarette and will fail in time depending on many factors. The type of e-juice used will affect the lifespan as think dark e-liquid will clog up the atomizers faster or not having enough e-liquid in the cartridge will burn them out.

The best way to go with mods like dual cartomisers (meaning two heating elements) is to use them on ego batteries and single coil atomizer’s and cartomizers on the 510 models as they have a smaller battery that will not last as long if you use a dual coil cartomizer.

With so many new products on the market every month out team tests all of them before we sell them to the customer as we find many new accessories to be gimmicky or poor quality, so to stop the customer wasting money on parts that won’t work or live up to the sales hype.