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Atomizers for e-cigarettes.

Atomizers or atty's are the device that heats the ejuice for creating vapor. They do need to be replaced when their lifespan is over and the best way is to order your replacements here. Atties generally last around 1 week up to 3 months of heavy vaping but depending on use.


Atomizers have a life-span. The amount of life expectancy nobody truly knows. Some atomizers will last for weeks up to months, while some may only last a couple of days. It can come down to how a consumer treats the e-cigarette, and the amount of abuse the individual puts the atomizer through.

Based upon on your model of e-cig, a replacement atomizer can cost you between $3 to $6. You really need to have a few spares atties in the event you burn out an atomizer. You really dont want to have to buy a packet of cigarettes while you wait for a order to come if you ran out of cartridges or atomizers.

Based on the way you utilize your electronic cigarette, the atomizer's life expectancy may differ. Individuals who are using high levels of VG (vegetable glycerin) in their e-liquid are likely get their atomizer blocked up continuously, because of the dense and gluey character of the VG fluid, evape e-liquids are a mix of 80% PG to 20% VG for this reason as not only it tastes better but is also better for your e-cigs life-span.

Atomizers and cartomizers can be cleaned out with a simple mix of white vinegar and hot water, then left to dry for around 24 hours, this can unclog the inners and help you get more life out of them, also being that are a very fine electrical element try not to drop them.