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Disposable E-cig

Disposable E cigarettes

Disposable Electronic cigarettes hold around 400 puffs.

Our new disposable E-cig is comparable to around 25 normal cigarettes. We are offering them at the best possible price as a means for customers to try and find out if e-cigarettes are for them or at this price they are great if going out on the town or even for a cheap gift for someone you know.

Use the disposable e cigs Pubs, restaurants and the car without any second hand smoke to upset others and no smell so they can be used just about anywhere. The vapor and throat hit is impressive and the presentation makes it look just like a normal cigarette down to even ends lights up just like a real cig.

Most of our customers that have brought the disposable electronic cigarettes found that the process work and then they upgraded to the rechargeable starter kits as a long term solution; we found most were for the 510 e-cig models after enjoying the disposable with great success.