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Electronic cigarettes remove all of the negative effects of smoking

Electronic cigarettes remove all of the negative effects of smoking


No yellowed teeth, no disgusting smells, no accidental cigarette burns on furniture or car seats, cheaper, safer and the list goes on.

The main function of using an e-cig also known as vaping, means that instead of exuding harmful smoke, the user exhales water vapor which in turn evaporates into thin air with no lasting smell or second-hand smoke. Given that most e-cigs are flavoured with food safe and food grade components, the very small amount of aroma they give off is usually a sweet smell compared to the toxic stink that you get from get from cigarette smoke. Both smokers and non-smokers of e-cigs agree that the smell that is in the vapour is hardly noticeable, if at all.

Electronic cigarettes are basically smoke free, so they do not contain any of the harmful substances associated with normal cigarettes. Moreover, they are odourless and hence socially acceptable. As they do not have any second hand smoke effects, they can be enjoyed anywhere.



The cost of Smoking vs. electronic cigarettes is one of the largest benefits

Regular cigarette smoking is an expensive affair given the heavy taxes paid on the products. In Australia the rough saving would be around 5 times when changing over from smoking to e-cigarettes. The setup cost for a starter kit would be around $40-60 and this would last 3-4 months with replacements of the atomizers every 2-4 weeks, the cost for replacements each month would be around $12. The liquid needed to fill the e-cigs depends on the amount used per person and also the store it’s purchased from.

So a basic breakdown for 3 month spend, including a starter kit, replacement atomizers and e-liquid would be around $300 for a medium to heavy user. Compared to the cost of a heavy to medium smoker, smoking one pack a day over 3 months, the total would sit at around $1600. So this simple calculation shows e-cigs to be around five times cheaper over all, the money saved is a large amount and if you look at this over a whole year the money saved would be over $5000, that’s enough for a nice holiday or a lot of other pleasures.

fun e-cigs

Long-term health

The vapour in e-cigarettes is considered relatively less hazardous as it doesn't contain thousands of toxins and chemical that cigarettes do. Like anything you ingest or inhale, it is always best practice to make sure it is of the highest quality and doesn’t contain anything that you could be allergic to or added chemicals or toxic substances. Take food for example, you can buy cheap fast food with the knowledge that it’s not a healthy alternative to fresh food but it’s cheap and easy to get, the same principle applies with e-liquid. Always get the best possible certified e-liquid you can buy and like most things you will get what you paid for.

Everyone should take their health very seriously and a change from anything that will improve your health and lifestyle is a positive change. The impact of so many things are out of most people’s control like breathing in car fumes all day in a big city but deliberately putting anything that burns or is known to be toxic in your lungs all day as a choice isn’t the smartest thing to do. That said, traditional cigarettes are addictive so one silly choice for a teenager becomes a lifelong problem, so it’s not always as simple as giving up smoking due to reading about how harmful it is.

quit smoking


In Australia no one can even sell nicotine so the addictive nature of cigarettes is gone when using e-cigs that contain no nicotine. This identifies that many that people are really addicted to the hand to mouth action with smoking, not just nicotine, which can be the harder habit to stop. It sounds simple but it’s a very large part of the habit for many people as habits can become ritualistic. Smoking is often an excuse to take a break, something to do with your hands, an object you carry everywhere, a reward and many more parts for the larger harder to kick habit that smoking creates over the long term.

E-cigarettes provide the option to assist with breaking some of these habits that form part of the addictive nature of smoking. The difference is that e-cigs provide a choice of using them with or without nicotine. Even if using them without nicotine, vaping with still provide some of the perks about smoking that many find so hard to give up. The Users in Australia can buy e-liquid containing nicotine but you have to order it from overseas and only import small amounts for personal use only.

Since the incredible benefits of electronic cigarettes are still a debatable subject, the physical health threats related with cigarette smoking are certainly well known. In the course of countless studies, smoking is shown to present a much greater and absolute risk to a person’s health and wellbeing.

By Matt Bridgeman