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Guide to using eVape Atomizers

Everything you need to know about atomizers and cartomizers.

This comprehensive guide aims to assist customers with selecting the correct atomizer for their e-cigarettes. Atomizers are used in electronic cigarettes as the heating element that turns the e-liquid into vapour.  There are a few different types and this guide aims to show customers what each atomizer does and which e-cigarette device it is compatible with.

Atomizer/ Atomiser: This is what is also known as a 510 atomizer, a standard atomizer or a 510 standard atomizer. It is used with standard 510 batteries and cartridges. It can be used with standard ego models too, as long as the carts are the wool type. These atomizers come with a standard 510 starter kit or a standard Ego Starter Kit and are sold as replacement accessories. They are compatible with stock cartridges only.

510 T Atomiser: The 510 T Atomizer as the name suggests, is only compatible with 510 T Cartridges. The 510 T Atty is included in 2 units with each 510 T E-Cig Starter Kit. The 510 T atomizer has a needle type wick which is used to pierce the 510 T Tank Cartridge, to allow the e-liquid to pass through. They are not compatible with any other type of cartridge. This atty can be used with an Ego model battery, as long as the 510 T Cartridges are used along with it.


LR Atomizer: The LR or Low Resistance Atomizer has a more powerful burning rate than other atomizers, but is only compatible with stock cartridges. It is recommended to use an LR atomizer with an Ego battery or larger as it takes a higher amount of power consumption to operate. It has a 510 thread, but is not recommended for 510 batteries.

Ego T Atomizer: The Ego T Atomizers are designed only for Ego T cartridges. They are a wider, round shape than the 510 T, to suit the width of both the Ego T battery and the Ego T Tank Carts. These can be used with any Ego battery, but are only compatible with the Ego T Carts.

Ego C Atomizer: The Ego C model atomizer is the smallest of our atomizer range. They are basically the internal component of the Ego T atomizer. The Ego C starter kit comes with 5 x Ego C atties which makes it really affordable, useable system. The Ego C atomizers are only compatible with Ego T Tank Cartridges. 

By Matt Bridgeman