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Info & Guides

How to guides and information about evape e-cigarettes

Evape aims to make the process of using electronic cigarettes easy for our clients. This section contains information that may to help guide both new vapers and veterans. Not only is there a huge range to choose from, the way to use certain accessories, batteries and e-liquids can be daunting.

Information is provided within this section to promote self-education. The info included here has been inspired by what our customers ask us on a regular basis. We feel that it is imperative to provide these details as knowledge is power.

Questions we often get asked pertain to using the products we sell. People want to know which electronic cigarette product is best suited to their needs. This is generally a personal preference, but given our staff’s extensive vaping knowledge, we are able to provide a general guide on what suits the majority of our customers.

Electronic cigarettes are fast growing, trending products within the modern world. They are unique because they mimic many of the attributes of traditional tobacco smoking, without ignition or smoke. The use of a battery and atomizer heating component give them the ability to create a fog like mist that can be drawn into the lungs, thus giving the feeling of smoking down to the hand to mouth movement.

While personal vaporisers (also known as PV’s) cannot be hailed as a therapeutic device to give up smoking, many people have reported that they have had success with such endeavours. Most smokers know that a lot of the addiction side of smoking is psychological; it is a habit that becomes a ritualistic part of life. For example, a person feels complete by having a cigarette after every meal. The use of e-cigs allows people to continue these rituals, while breaking the physical need for tobacco itself.

The discussion about selling nicotine in Australia is an important element within the industry and we hope to tackle some of the public’s concerns, questions and curiosity regarding this. In short, e-cigarette vendors are not permitted to sell nicotine e-liquid to customers within Australia. The e-juice that you see for sale on our site, contains no nicotine at all. Many people find that they are able to switch from using cigarettes to not using nicotine. Others do find that they need to supplement with a nicotine based product. Individuals are able to import nicotine at a limit of 3 months’ supply which is around a maximum of 10-20 x 10ml bottles.

The legal status regarding e-cigarettes is concerning for most people who want to try them. There is a lot of misinformation in the media, on forums, social networks and within the public regarding this. We hope to clarify this, and make people aware that the sale of the devices themselves is completely legal with Australia, as is the sale of e-liquids providing they do not contain nicotine.

We are always happy to answer any questions that you may not be able to find an answer to here, and please offer us suggestions on what you think should be included in this section, as our customer feedback is the most important element in providing an extensive info guide.