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A few quick tips for vaping


Inconsistent performance can occur when you dont get juice flow to the coil. This can occur even though the cart has sufficient is full/topped up, and can occur when dripping too. It's not necessarily because there is not enough juice or that the atomizer is dry but that the juice is not getting onto the heater coil.

The reason is that a certain draw force (strength of inhale) can be enough to activate the coil (light comes on and coil heats up) but not enough to draw droplets from the metal wicking mesh to the coil.

So, when you notice vapor trail off or a burnt smell (atomizer 'running dry), try a brief more forceful inhale, followed by your usual inhale. You might well hear the short strong inhale pull some juice onto the coil (slight slurp-like sound of the droplets). You can also try a long, slow but more forceful draw to heat up the atty.

This is what is sometimes referred to as a 'primer puff'; for it to solve this particular issue it needs to be strong (usually by primer puff is meant pre-heating the coil, but in this case it is getting droplets of juice to the coil that is the aim).

It generally needs a bit more force of inhale to get some juice onto the heater coil than to activate the coil. I find I need to do the short strong inhale every so often (about every third puff or so) with my 901s - and then all is well.

In time, you'll know just how hard to inhale and when, and it will become second nature.

If the short strong inhale does not help, try dropping a few drips into the atomizer; wait a minute and try that. If it now works ok then the problem is that the cart is not properly contacting the 'metal bridge' inside the atomizer. In this case, try pulling out the cart material a little bit.

Other factors that can give rise to variable performance by affecting the juice flow include insufficient cart filler to metal bridge contact, and the juice thickness (the ideal is slightly thicker than water; too thick or too thin and the performance can become erratic).