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Nicotine E-Liquid

All E-Liquid sold in Australia must be 0mg of Nicotine. In other words you can NOT buy E-Liquid that contains any Nicotine from Australia.

To buy Nicotine E-Liquid head on over to www.Nicotine2U.com and you can buy your Nicotine E-Liquid as required.
There is a discount code you can use which is "ev1" this is a HUGE discount of 25% off!

Don't forget to then buy your DOUBLER E-Liquids from eVape to use with your Nicotine from www.Nicotine2U.com
Read up below about how to use Nicotine Base Liquid and DOUBLERs to mix your own Nicotine E-Cigarette Liquid.


Nicotine & E-Liquid DOUBLERS:
As for E-Liquids and adding your Nicotine your going to need TWO things for that.
Nicotine Base:
1) Some base Nicotine Liquid which you should buy at DOUBLE the Nicotine level you want so when mixed with normal 0mg E-Liquid 50% / 50% it will be reduce down to correct Nicotine level.
To do this head over to www.Nicotine2U.com they have discount code you can use which is "ev1" this is a HUGE discount of 25% off!
Nicotine Base Liquid is not cheap, but remember your getting 200ml which makes 40 bottles of Liquid or 600ml which makes 120 bottles of E-Liquid. So it does last a long time.

2) Your going to then need some DOUBLER E-Liquids. The word DOUBLER means DOUBLE FLAVOUR which is important ONLY when mixing with Nicotine Base. If your not mixing with Nicotine Base then you would buy Ready To Vape.
The reason why they are Double the Flavour is that your mixing 50% of this E-Liquid DOUBLE with the Nicotine base. So the ending flavour strength after mixing will be back to normal Ready To Vape standard which is what you want. As your mixing 50/50 a 10ml Doubler is equal to 20ml when mixed. If however you do not use a Doubler and use normal E-Liquid to mix with a Nicotine Base it will mean that your Flavour Strength is very weak and not tasting nice.
If you like STRONG flavours, then what you can do is buy Nicotine Base (as per above) that is 3 times your desired Nicotine level, and then when mixing with DOUBLE E-Liquid you would mix 1/3 Nicotine base and 2/3 Doubler. This will give you a strong Flavour, and still your desired Nicotine strength.

For our selection of DOUBLER E-Liquids head on over to these URLs below.
All E-Liquid Flavours
OR Below by flavour type:
Fruit or Berry
Menthol or Mind