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About eVape

About evape

eVape is a brand that was born following many years of unsuccessful personal attempts to give up smoking. I had been smoking for 25 years and had literally tried every method possible to kick the habit. I would try something, give up for a small time (sometimes only a day) and the dreaded smoke hold would have me back in it's grip in no time. Some of the many methods I tried included; cold turkey, nicotine gum, nicotine patches, hypnotherapy, cutting down, distraction and meditation.

The only method that has worked successfully for me is vaping. I discovered vaping through a friend from the U.S.A who I played an online game with and he said that he discovered vaping electronic cigarettes as a successful way to quit smoking. I decided, it couldn't hurt to give it a go, so I started looking in Australia for a reputable supplier of e-cigs at a reasonable price. At the time, I struggled to find someone who had the knowledge and products in Australia that I would need to start my journey into vaping and was led to a supplier from China. The cost from China was surprisingly high considering I had no assurance of quality, no return policy and a lack of communication. I paid over $70.00 which was USD too and my kit only included a 510 starter kit, with a PCC. I had to wait over 2 weeks for my package to arrive also, which delayed beginning my journey to a smoke free life. 

My wife and I have run successful online businesses in the marketing and promotional industry, so we decided after I received my e-cigarette kit that it would be great for Australians to have access to the same kind of products that have assisted me to become a non smoker. My wife also enjoys vaping socially, even though she has never been an addicted smoker. She loves trying out new flavours to vape with, especially with a glass of wine. She used to have a puff on cigarette occasionally, but now prefers vaping as she is not inhaling all of the deadly chemicals that can be found in tobacco.

This innovation bought about the name eVape which basically conveys concept of electronic and vaping as we really want to get away from the cigarette paraphernalia as apart from assisting to give up, vaping is not smoking and has it's own identity. We discovered that it was hard to find any Australian suppliers who had moved away from traditional smoking and cigarettes into vaping alone and thought there was a real need to do this as vaping is just that, emitting a vapour that can be flavoured in any imaginative way as an enjoyable experience for both reformed and non smokers. 

We then worked very hard to find the most reputable supplier of vaping and electronic cigarette products overseas and our travels led us to ordering some stock and having it shipped back to Australia. We quality controlled the products before purchase and were very happy with the results. This has left us with an array of quality e-cig items that we hope to sell at very reasonable prices to clients in Australia. We also understand, having a large knowledge of business, that customer service needs to be of the utmost and at eVape we strive to provide excellent customer service to all of our clients. We feel that having knowledge about vaping helps us to be able to connect with our clients and we are always willing to offer support regarding a purchase, our products or any other queries you may have. 

We also are enjoying discovering the many wonders of electronic cigarettes & vaping and feel that we are always learning about evolving techniques such as making e-juice, finding better and longer lasting mods, and vaping techniques. We hope that our product range and knowledge base will improve as our business grows. We do have a range of e-juice flavours in our store for you to try and welcome your feedback regarding these. We have worked with what we have discovered and like, and are sharing them with our customers.