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FAQ and other information about evape Australia.

For up to date information about vaping from other vapers in Australia, we recommend joining the Aussie Vapers Forum. The community is vibrant here with lots of up to date info about vaping and electronic cigarettes in general.

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Where should I start when it comes to buying e-cigarettes?

At first it can seem daunting when it comes to the world of vaping and e-cigarettes but eVape has taken the hassle out of your first purchase by creating packs that contain literally everything you need to get started. When we personally entered the world of vaping we found out the hard way that we needed other products with our 510's and ended up having to wait for purchases from overseas etc. Our personal recommendation is the eVape 510 Mega starter kit which only costs $70.00 and contains all those necessary items to introduce you to vaping. You can also start with our $30.00 510 starter kits which contain the very basic starting packs for vaping, but with less outlay. These packs are a good way for you to see if vaping is for you.

How often do I need to replace components such as atomizers or batteries?

Atomizers generally last for around 30 days if they are cleaned regularly and used regularly according to the instructions that are provided. The main instruction is to blow them out after a days use and then stand it vertically on a tissue or paper and allow to dry out overnight. Simple maintenance like this will prolong the life of your atomizer. Atomisers are cheap to replace and we have them available for you to purchase. Atomiser / Atomizer

A fully charged eVape joye 510 battery can last around 150-180 puffs before needing to be charged. It generally takes a couple of hours to completely charge a dead battery and the indicator light will tell you when it is done. The eGo and Riva batteries last for a lot longer (three times as long as 510) and you can also purchase mega batteries for each of these models which obviously make your e-cigs last a lot longer. Batteries generally need replacing after around 200-300 charges. Be cautious not to continuously overcharge batteries as this can damage their life. eVape provides two e-cigarettes complete with battery in each of our starter kits for your convenience, so you will never be left without a charged device for vaping.

Are eVape Electronic Cigarettes safe?

eVapes electric cigarettes only carry H2O, propylene glycol combined with vegetable glycerin and a aroma that mimics a variety of flavours. All eVape products also holds CE & ROHS certifications.

The ingredients used in our e-juice are certified food safe made in Europe and can be found in numerous food products that are found in the local grocery store. Regular cigarettes consist of a good deal more than 4,000 chemical contaminants, the majority of are carcinogens and noxious chemicals. Smoking cigarettes produces carbon monoxide which prevents the capability of blood to deliver oxygen to major organs in your body. E-cigs do not possess any of these toxins since they do not burn tobacco and we dont offer nicotine in our products. they produces vapour to mimic the production of smoke without the harmful second-hand smoke or smell that can irritate and compromise non smokers. It produces vapour to mimic the production of smoke without the harmful second-hand smoke or smell that can irritate and compromise non smokers.


A few other uses for proplene glyco are:

  • A base for pharmaceuticals, oral or injectable bases. Many drugs that are insoluble in water, use propylene glycol base as its doesn't react or cause problems for most people.
  •  As a moisturiser in medications, cosmetics, foodstuff, toothpaste, shampoo, hair care, mouth washes, and tobacco smoking ingredients that are used as a wetting agent.
  •  In hand sanitizers, anti-bacterial washes and saline solutions
  •  In fog machines that generate synthetic smoke for use on stage sets and theatrical performances.
  •  In electronic cigarettes PG and VG are used to water down flavours.


I have heard that Propylene Glycol can cause irritation to some people?

Some people have reported that Propylene Glycol can cause minor irritations such as upper respiratory dryness or itchy eyes. If this is the case, we recommend switching to an e-juice that is 100% Vegetable Glycerin. For more information on the components of vegetable glycerin, please see the Wikipedia entry. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glycerol

Where can ecigs be vaped?

Electronic cigarettes produce vapour not smoke, they cannot be perceived like an analog cigarettes which burn and create smoke that can be damaging to individuals in the vicinity of you. 

E cigarettes can be used in locations where smoking is forbidden, after all you are not smoking, you are vaping. You should be considerate when vaping and let people in your vicinity know it's not a normal cigarette and that its clean and safe for individuals near you, always drop the name eVape when asked where you got purchased your products from. 

What is the smoke released from the electronic cigarette?

The vapour that is created from the E-Cigarette is simply a water based vapor that evaporates into the air within seconds.

E-Cigs leave no residue in the air, and will not affect any individuals in the vicinity of you unlike second hand smoke of a conventional cigarette. It is odourless and does not contain any harmful chemicals that can be omitted into the air. Does the electronic cigarette create an odour or smell? e-smoke is close to odourless, however adding e-juice to the cartridge makes e-cigs taste like many different flavours. The slight smell of some e juice is quite pleasant for those around you, particularly if you are vaping fruity or minty flavours as most just have a hint of sweetness about them. 

Can anyone use the e-cigarette?

E-Cigarettes are intended for use only by adults as both an alternative to giving up smoking tobacco based cigarettes or as a social activity. At eVape we do not endorse the use of our products by people under the age of 18.

Do you take international orders?

eVape does not process or ship international orders. We are an Australian based company and only accept orders here.

Free promotional giveaways

Our free promotional giveaways apply to the total spend EX Shipping costs.


All products come with some basic info on the product for health conditions, below is evapes standard don't use this product if you have any off the follow conditions:

At eVape we DO NOT provide nicotine nor do we support the consumption of nicotine or any other substances to be used in our electronic cigarettes. The statement below still applies to all our products as we are not responsible for individuals medical conditions or misuse of our products, if you are concerned consult your doctor first or just dont buy them.

E cigs are not intended cure or treat medical conditions. Do not purchase or use our products if you are not 18+ years old. We do not supply nicotine in any form. if you have any respiratory problems or complaints like high blood pressure, heart problems or any other medical conditions do not use unless you see your doctor first. Do not use if you are pregnant.

Consult your physician if you have any health related questions about electronic cigarettes.