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Quit smoking?

Can e-cigarettes help me quit smoking?n evape e-cigs help me quit smoking?

E-Cigarettes are NOT a QUIT smoking device nor can we claim they are a quit smoking device. Most of our customers are people looking to kick the habit and most are able to do just that. Due to the fact that we don't provide nicotine in our products we have had feedback from successful customers that also used quit aids like nicotine patches or gum to get their nicotine fix along with e-cigs for the hand to mouth fix. Combining these two methods has allowed them to walk away from years of tobacco addiction, easily. 

Customers that had good will power found that the thing they needed was not necessarily nicotine, it was just the hand to mouth action that was enough to throw away the smokes and become smoke free. My own experience was in less than one week I would able to put an end to over 20 years of tobacco addiction by using e-cigarettes, alone.

The main advantage of the products is that they feel, look and create the same sensations that the person is used to when smoking because the product imitates them so well in the following ways:

- They give the important hand to mouth interaction.

- They mimmick smoke with the creation of vapour.

- Many have a LED light on the end that looks like it is lit when in use.

The benefits of quitting smoking are so great as we only get one life and its short so why knock years of your life when there are so many products available on the market now to help give up, it was the best decision many have made in their own lives, not only for themselves but also for their families. 

The only reason e-cigarettes cannot claim to be a quit smoking device is that they are unregulated, meaning no studies have been done to prove either way the benefits. Despite this, there are a few international studies underway at the moment, so in the future this may change. That said, there are a few different unscientific polls and articles that suggest up to 85% of people that use the product have had success in the long term.

The amount of information from users and forums is everywhere and the best way to see how well they may work for you is a simple internet search and you will find an endless stream of information as to how well the product works and the way other people’s lives have changed by making the decision to throw away the cancer sticks and try something new that might just be the way to improve quality of life. The cost saving advantage is also worth mentioning. As the price of cigarettes is steadily climbing, one can only save by trying electronic cigarettes instead. 

By Matt Bridgeman