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Troubleshooting Guide

Guides and troubleshooting pages.

Here we offer some trouble shooting solutions to common problems encountered with electronic cigarette products and accessories. Please look for your problem below and see if the solution provided fixes the situation. If not, feel free to contact us and we can offer further assistance.

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Problem: My Ego, Ego T, Ego C, Ego Twist, Ego LED, Lava Tube battery does not work when I press the button.

Possible Solution:

Many of our batteries have a disarm/ arm feature, which allows the button to be locked so it does not accidentally press in a pocket, bag or other place. To reactivate simply press the button in quick succession, 5 times. To disarm again, repeat the procedure. The button should flash when reactivated.

Problem:  No vapour seems to come out when I connect the battery to the atomizer/ cartomizer, and take a draw. I have followed the step above.

Possible Solutions:

Check that the cartridge, cartomizer or tank cartridge has been filled with e-liquid. All of our products except the 510 blister pack, need to be filled with e-juice in order to produce vapour.

Always charge the batteries supplied to full capacity before use. Some of the batteries in kits and alone have little or no charge.

Most of our batteries are manual, check that you are pushing the button down while dragging on the e-cigarette.

Problem: My 510 T or Ego T does not seem to work, even though I have filled the cartridge with e-liquid, and connected it to the atomizer.

Possible Solution:

All of our 510 T and Ego T cartridges need to have a hole punched in them when they are connected to the 510 T or Ego T atomizers. There is a small needle inside the atomizer that should pierce the cartridge and allow the e-juice to flow through. Make sure when assembling the T kits, that you push the cartridge firmly into the atomizer to achieve this.

Problem: I have a VIP coupon code and when in checkout, it does not seem to work.

Possible Solution:

We offer a 5% discount for our customers who order regularly, but the order amount before GST or postage needs to be $40.00 or more for the coupon code to work. 

Of course, sometimes none of the solutions offered can fix problems encountered. We are here to help, so please feel free to contact us if you cannot solve your problem or have a DOA product. 

By Matt Bridgeman