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What are e-liquids and e-juice?

Introduction to e-liquids

Vapers today can choose almost and flavour and type of e-liquid flavour’s that they want. In addition you also get a potential to choose the nicotine levels and other characteristics that you wish to use in your e-cigarette. You can also mix in the countless types of e-juices flavours to come up with all-new and original flavour.

So exactly just what are e-liquids?

In simple terms, e-liquid is the liquid flavouring found and used in electronic cigarettes, it is also known as e-juice or e-cig liquid, which is vaporized by the atomizer found in the e-cigs. In essence the e-liquid substitutes burning tobacco in a traditional cigarette and gives you the same type of taste and feel that you were used to every time you take a puff. However, unlike tobacco cigarettes, they have no toxins and they lack the disgusting odour which produced by cigarette tobacco and instead give of a light cloud of water vapour that has no bad smells and will not stain.

The smell and taste of  e-liquids range from tobacco, to apple and even bubble-gum. This means that a typical vaper will feel geared up to use a e-cig knowing they will not irritate and bother those around him, The impact to the environment is minimized because the smoke or vapour being blown out is absolutely nothing but water vapour.

E-juice also known as e-liquid are available in many strengths of nicotine from 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, 24mg etc. Always carefully choose the best suited nicotine strength before deciding to buy an e-juice. A quick breakdown for nicotine is, 0mg is suitable for those who have only an oral fixation, 6mg for very light ex-smokers, 12mg for those who used to smoke light cigarettes, 18mg for those whom hope a medium level of nicotine, 24mg for formally heavy smokers and 36 mg for intense smokers.

We always suggest taking care with any nicotine liquids as they are a poison and should always be handled with extreme care, keep out of reach of children and pets.

No one in Australia is allowed to sell nicotine liquids so you will have to source them from overseas as nicotine e-liquid can be purchased for personal use.

That said evape has thousands of happy customers that have never used nicotine and love the non nicotine liquids we sell at evape.

By Matt Bridgeman