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What’s the most popular e-liquid?

What’s the most popular e-liquid?


E-cigarettes create vapour or mist by heating up e-liquid or e-juice. Essentially, e-liquid is to e-cigs what tobacco is to traditional cigarettes, but the real surprise is most people don't use tobacco flavoured e liquid and if they do, the change to other flavours is not long down the track.

Many people stop using tobacco flavoured e-liquid after a short time of vaping and it is hard to say for sure what each users preferences are and why, but when looking at the juices sold at Evape, it is surprising that tobacco flavours are not the most popular choice long term.

Many start their journey using e-cigs with the closest flavoured e-juice that resembles the cigarettes they used to smoke than after a short time the user will experiment with new and some crazy tastes that are on offer.

The one thing that stands out is that different tastes change depending on season and weather, for instance in summer time, sales show a huge swing to fresh and light e-juices like watermelon, strawberry, apple and other fruit flavoured liquids. The opposite is the trend in winter with a lot more dark juices like coffee, chocolate, and some of the dark tobacco blends.

Are there different strengths of e-liquid flavours?

We offer 2 types of e-liquids, doublers and premium. The only difference is that a doubler is double the flavour of the premium. Customers seem to go with e-liquid doublers if they have only just made the transition from cigarette smoking to using electronic cigarettes as their tastes bud will still be damaged from smoking and the extra potent tastes of the doubler juice helps to give the vapour more of a kick. After only a few weeks of using e-cigarettes you will get taste bugs back in action and then if maybe time to tone down to the premium e-juices.

funny e-liquid

How to mix e-liquid?

With over 100 on the shelf flavours at Evape we often get feedback from customers who have ventured into mixing or DYI e liquids. The idea is straight forward,  just think of something you like or a taste you remember as a kid, for example cola or coke mixed with ice cream also known as spiders. For this you can experiment with a few off the shelf flavours and mix them until it’s just like the flavour you remember, so for the spider try some cola e-liquid mixes with some vanilla, or some will mix more than 2 liquids for example, a fun customer makes fruit salad and uses over 5 fruit flavours together to get the right result.

So with over 100 on the shelf flavours you can see the DIY e-juice is very easy and can make thousands of flavours after mixing them with other workable juices, there is no rule book regarding what works as it will always come down to the users taste and preference.

A last comment on mixing e liquids is never mix in huge amounts unless of course you have made a mix before and you enjoyed it, like everything, moderation is a good idea so you don't waste juice. When mixing it is a good idea to use a syringe so you know just how much you are using to get a certain taste and keep a simple record so when you make the best flavour ever invented you can always replicate it without too much variation.

By Matt Bridgeman