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Where to start?

Where to start and what to buy?

With so many products and models it can look like a huge task to know where to start or what product to buy but to keep it simple we will run over the typical products to buy for a first time user.

Evape offers a free disposable so customers can try the concept of vaping but being that nothing in life is free you do have to pay for the postage. This has been a very popular promotion and we will keep it running for a while yet. The free disposable electronic cigarette is a simple and easy to use item, just open the packet pull off the tag and puff away. This version has around 400 puffs or the same as one and half packed of smokes.

So after a disposable what should i buy?

We offer a 510 prefilled blister pack which is an upgrade to the disposable as it come with three cartridges and a rechargeable battery giving the user a lot more use from the one product, these 510 blister packs are also interchangeable with other 510 model parts and accessories which means that if it work a treat and if you liked the trial product you can upgrade still using all the parts that come with the blister pack.

The main long lasting DIY kit that people start with is the 510 standard kits, they come in 3 colours and mimic a real smoke in size, appearance and feel. The 510 is easy to use and fill up but unlike the disposable you need to add e-liquid to create the vapor. This fill yourself method runs through most kits as it saves money compared to prefilled types and also gives the user a near endless choice of flavour’s that can be vaped where most prefilled types are in just menthol or tobacco flavours.

The next most popular kits are the eGo series, they are the larger brother to the 510 as they have larger batteries that outlast a 510 5 times over, so they are the best solution for heavy or more experienced vapers. The ego is again DIY filling and like the 510 kits. They are a great upgrade to the 510 or disposable’s.

With all the DIY fill yourself kits you need to buy e-liquid and at evape we have the world’s best quality juice and are the sole distributor in Australia and New Zealand. I could ramble on about why it’s the best but it would take too long, see for yourself why its number one.

We also supply many different MODS and upgrades but these are for the most experienced users so it’s not the time or place to be discussing them now.

Hope this help to make your choice as to the best product that will suit.

By Matt Bridgeman